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Is a Minnesota based fine artist and illustrator with a degree in drawing and painting from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Since graduating Barret has been in countless art fairs and shows around the Midwest with Gamut Gallery  being his staple place to show work. Client's include the Minnesota Twins, Indeed Brewing, Arete Sports, Rafter Lofts and Saluté Dental. You can find him at studio #385 in the historic Northrup King Building in Northeast Minneapolis.


Barret's work encompasses the characters he's been illustrating since childhood and subject matters he's expanded upon since graduating from MCAD in 2016. Drawing from his biggest inspirations: surrealism, graffiti and cartoons, Lee utilizes a combination of acrylics, spray paint and occasional collage to express whimsical themes throughout his work. Personifying fantastical worlds that encourage the viewer to escape from the chaos of reality.

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